Thursday, December 29, 2005

6 The crazy little thing called love

That's a really bad thing to talk about with this author; at an age when most thought Romeo and Juliet was a romantic lovestory, this author thought the real tragedy would have ensued if they had lived - c'mon, look at Rosalind; one minute Romeo's all lovesick, the next he's all puppy like after Juliet - not unlike some friends of the author?! Not naming names, but if you want a generic name, what better other than 'men?!'

The author's belief that love is inherently irrational stems from the fact that against better judgement, ignoring the blaring sirens and flashing neon lights that scream "wrong type", girls tend to go straight for the guys that break their hearts; statistically speaking; it's about 98%, the 1% is les and the last 1% are cynical detached femmies (sounds familiar?!). Besides, love is ironic, you meet a guy that seems to be a duplicate of your dream list, then ... you hate him; you travel 354degrees round the earth to meet the guy who's just 6 degrees in the opposite direction (like the spin on 6 degrees of seperation?); you like a guy's who's in a relationship, when he finally breaks up with his partner, you realize he's not your type, need more be said?
Men and women have their quirks, for example, some men like competition, they won't be interested in the gal unless there are half a dozen other guys competing with them, all lined up like some track race. Some guys are just slow, you won't see them move till they're geriatric, by which time they need a hip replacement, so they can't move. Women like to personalize, that might explain the home decoration impulse, it's kinda like marking territory - that might also explain why they like to reform the guys; think of it as personalizing the guy. Of course, most of these guys have way too much history, hence the greater impulse to mark territory. Sadly, the more successful the gal, the more likely she's to discover that the guy she liked is gone, and the reformed guy is someone she'll rather be friends with

Faults and how you view them is one of the best indicators of whether it's love or friendship. Generally, we're more tolerant of faults when it comes to friends,we don't like these faults but we're civil; mebbe it's 'cos we can choose our friends. You can't quite choose love, love tends to choose you, which is why you accept his faults , they are as much part of him as what you like about him . When love ceases, that's when the faults are intolerable

The most exasperating are those who are in love with the idea of love. The more flippant tend to view love as it seems in A Midsummer Night's Dream , fairy dust and ephermeral. Those with artistic pretensions will probably be more like the protagonist of The Well-Beloved, flitting from muse to muse, think Picasso

The conclusion? This isn't a thesis, so go figure the conclusion for yourself - summon some courage and love