Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What the year taught this author

1 Musical Sentimental Fool

Not that most friends don't already know, the author is no eclectic genius when it comes to music - most kinds of music are fine (except heavy metal and punk rock, techno requires a heavy dose of alcohol - sorry stefan!)Ok, so the taste is mainstream, even corny, but doesn't certain music just evoke unexplainable emotions?

Certain movie themes are unforgettable - St Elmo's Fire (ok, but who doesn't remember the corny 80s, sure beats the miami beach theme!) And who can resist Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's as the country girl singing Moon River
Certain music is just associated with friends - Coolio's song in Dangerous Minds is always associated with very bored female foreign students in a university town jiving in a desolate cinema

Drama themes are another "awww" evoking type of music , even if you have no idea what they are singing - think Fujii's theme (can't remember his name but think ex-Checkers singer ) for "ai qing bai pi shu" ( the jap drama that was remade as a taiwanese idol drama years ago). Of course, Misia's "you're everything" for " da he fu zi" is unforgettable in winter!
Friends' theme is always reminiscent of days when you had to sneak with exchange students to the MCR just to watch an episode of Friends 'cos the guys were hogging the cable of JCR watching football?! (hey, wasn't that why the x-files were watched at a very weird senior's place - it was surreal, she had shot some spoof video parodying the xfiles and santa claus - of course she was a ppe-ist!)

Current corny favs? Maroon5 (etc, see the "yahoo music playlist" at the music site) and 2 notable drama themes; the end theme for the SHE drama (can't quite remember the drama title) by fei shi jia - it's the music , not the lyrics, and the end theme for "she diao ying xiong zhuan" (the lyrics are pretty cool, more poetic than most lyrics these days - not even thinking of translating, some sentiments are just lost in translation! the last song translation attempt was hua xin and it was hilarious even without the alliteration and puns)