Wednesday, December 28, 2005

3 Recipes, Food and anecdotes

There was some tv chef who was reinventing traditional asian recipes and his roast pork recipe was rather funny, reflecting a more european version of a cantonese favourite. It also reminded the author of an old family friend, more precisely a late Hainan villager friend of late maternal grandparents, who had figured out the recipe for roast pork without consulting any chefs - that was one tough biddy (no offence meant) who brought up quite a few children by herself (being a widow from quite a young age) and started a family business that saw the family from rags to riches . She was nice except for several obnoxious attempts to set the author up with her grandson (the author's parents weren't thrilled 'cos dad particularly disliked the guy's parents) which explained why the author spent many festive occasions at bookstores, music retailers and with friends, it also explained why the author had a holy fear of meeting countrymen from Leeds Univ

The more altruistic (vs commercial) chef, Jamie Oliver, thankfully rocked the world of school lunches, pretty sure that contemporaries who have tasted school food agree. No more toad in the hole with chocolate sauce, right Elaine?!