Wednesday, December 28, 2005

4 The Semantics of Politics

Since 9/11, the language of politics has been colored and reinvented in very disagreeable shades, terms have not been so reinvented since Labour spindoctored their way to victory in the '90s.

The creative circumvention of SEC and legal regulations by corporate America reflects the government's circumvention of the Geneva Convention- human rights are denied 'cos POWs aren't defined as POWs, all that despite Bush's declaration of war on terror. Bush is displaying a tiring pattern ; deny, condemn, then admit - the inaccuracies of information, that is; see Guantanamo Bay, wiretapping and those secret prisons in eastern Europe (are they crazy?, WWII started from those sensitive states!) - the last he hasn't admitted but if the issue doesn't disappear, it's a bet that some day Bush is gonna admit

Whilst Bush Sr had his read lips soundbite, Bush Jr is saying why bother when you can hear them in surround stereo courtesy of fbi or the homeland security organisations . Curious how soon politicians forget the scandals of yesteryear ; Watergate and Monicagate - well, how can you fault a prez who wants to institutionalize "eavesdropping" albeit on a more hi-tech level?! Besides, that might mean new job opportunities for stalkerrazzis - those reporters that celebs so hate - a licence to spy?!

Irony ruled this year's politics - we were told by politicians that free trade needed to be facilitated by protectionism (Smoot Hawley lookalikes are promoted in the senate) and can anyone see how the Patriot Act has more ironic readings than the Bush government intended?! Go figure