Wednesday, December 28, 2005

2 Movies to the rescue

Saw Dr J's writeup on old movies, agree with some aspects, but have to admit that this author's list of old movie favs are hardly as highbrow as his. Old movies are a load of fun, they may lack the "suspense" of new movies but they make up for that in terms of great content and memories. And somehow when you haven't watched some in some time, the movie is always different from what you remembered (of course, you could call that ageing?!)

You know you're ageing /maturing as some people prefer (god, you're not cheese!) when you prefer to watch movies at parties than to talk to the people, of course, it doesn't help that the guys on screen are funnier and "more intellectual" than those around you - agreeing with jeannie, holidays are way too commercialized these days, btw, they are playing cny songs now?! and when you're a certain age, 3 piece parties and theme parties are passe ( unless you're male and can't wait to find out if that girl is a natural blonde 'cos she forgot to have a bikini wax!)

Back to movies, they can teach you certain truths about men if you aren't already in possession of those facts , for example, the recent series of hindi specials will teach you that men are "brainlessly" stubborn (Mohabbetein and Khabi Kushni Khabie Gham ) , they are "blindly" dumb (Muhjse Dosti Karoge and Kuch Kuch Kota Hai) and perfect men are either married or a dying breed (Ka Ho Naa Ho)

Fantasy seems to rule these days; mayhap, some producer will consider a Eddings' Belgariad movie or a McCaffrey Pegasus series?