Thursday, November 17, 2005

That's Life2

The guy who makes you prefer the tv
Ever met a guy whose idea of interesting
conversation is to expound all his ideas and
opinions whilst you mutter polite nonsense then at
the end of that conversation (more like soliloquy),
he actually says "don't you have an opinion of your

The only thing that saved that guy from bodily harm
was his height and the author's refusal to end up in
court due to this buffoon (who happened to be a
lawyer) . The lesson - being opinionated and having
an opinion are sometimes not too different?!

Bad movie experiences
Certain movies should not be watched by certain
people or at certain times. For example, don't let
those with pre-wedding jitters watch "war of the
roses" or "double jeopardy", those who are afraid of
working in tall buildings should probably avoid "the
towering inferno" and "die hard" . Avoid watching "
kama sutra" with medic students and don't watch "the
waves" if you're having dinner after the movie -
it's the only movie that'll probably cause sea-
sickness without you ever being near the sea (and
even if you've never been sea-sick before) . ooh and
avoid being the only female in a room full of guys
watching species- you'll be reminded of how ironic
that title can be!