Sunday, November 06, 2005

Louis Cha novels and politics

Not about to post some thesis on the topic, just a random thought. The romantic dalliances of Louis Cha's heroes seem to reflect the disillusionment with politics of the times. Through many of the novels, there's a movement away from politics towards a secluded life with the beloved - whether it's Duan Yu and his 2 friends in Tian Long Ba Bu, or Yang Guo who disappears with Xiaolong Nu at the end of Shen Diao Xia Lu. Even politically involved figures like Guo Jing and Zhang Wuji long to retreat from the complicated politics of the world, whilst Chen Jialuo's greatest regret is not disassociating from the politics of the times. The most comically ironic political commentary is , however, none of the above but rather Wei Xiaobao whose numerous dalliances mirror his multifaceted political loyalties and manouevres, "xia liu or feng liu" depends on how you look at it!