Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The sappy factor: Korean vs Indian

Ok, so love stories are a sappy lot and they don't
get any sappier than korean dramas (and movies) and
hindi movies. The difference is the type of
sappiness. Korean dramas are recommended for those
who like to cry themselves silly over improbable
story lines (you thought qiong yao was bad, you
ain't seen nuthing yet!) - it's bitter to the point
of you asking why? - much like drinking decaf .
Stairway to Heaven is a classic example.

Hindi movies , like Muhjse Dosti Karoge, are like
cotton candy. The biggest contrast is the blatant
dramatic nature of the movies- c'mon no one breaks
out in song every 10 minutes or so - mindnumbingly
sweet and gagging when you overindulge.

In essence, it's the cinematic equivalent of those
torrid romances that're the mainstay of many teen
female readers. If you've read any, you'll probably
comprehend why the author thinks they should sell
them as comic relief (and no, deb, the giggling
wasn't over the "naughty" bits but rather the
ridiculous nature of the romance - guess where the
satin sheets comment originated?!) where pulp
fiction's concerned, tom clancy's preferable any