Monday, November 07, 2005

Personal Ads, the alpha male and the snag

Saw some personal ads - no, wasn't looking at sites, some idiot sends those sample personal ads regularly as spam- and was laughing so loudly people stared. The regular ones read like a line from Racine's plays (don't ask which, was ages since yours truly read any Racine), the really exaggerated ones sound like Brad Pitt seeking Angelina Jolie; the question is not why people post such ads but do they really think people believe these ad descriptions?!

What would the author's personal ad sound like ? Okie, just for laughs :
Mercurial of mood
Sarcastic of tongue
Unattractive of appearance
Intolerant of fools (particularly those smarter than yours truly)

Too much virtue can be criminal.
Andromache Act 3

so is honesty!

So what's the ideal male? Well, that'll depend on the purpose

The ideal male friend is invariably the snag ; great as a confidante and shopping companion but drives you up the wall as a romantic companion

The neanderthal is your soccer, american football, hockey etc sports companion and drinking buddy

The alpha male (if you need a definition, read the following it's dated but pretty accurate) is that friend you keep at a distance 'cos you don't wanna be blinded by his charms and incur unnecessary heartache.

Drumroll ...
She wavers, she hesitates; in one word, she is a woman.
(Elle flotte, elle h├ęsite; en un mot, elle est femme.)
Athalie Act 3

The ideal male is a cross of the alpha male with the snag minus the annoying traits that develop the minute his male bonding crowd appears

But ideals of love are as subjective as love itself, so friends beware

Love is not a fire to be shut up in a soul. Everything betrays us: voice, silence, eyes; half-covered fires burn all the brighter.

Andromache Act 2

P.S. so preparing to leave a country not merely encourages elimination of unnecessary baggage but revives some interesting memories