Thursday, November 03, 2005

Old movies

It was once suggested that the author pursue a degree in film studies, not as a compliment but rather a reference to the film addict nature of the author. Though the author is age-phobic, when it comes to movies (and music ) , old movies are sometimes the preferred fare.

The notable exception is probably musicals - if you were ever a convent girl shown biannual screenings of musicals like "The Sound of Music", " The King and I", "Chittychittybangbang", "7 wives for 7 brothers" (why that choice when "femmie" power was supposed to be advocated) and "Flower Drum Song", you'd agree. It might not have been that excruciating if they had the sense to screen " An American in Paris " or even "Singing in The Rain", insipid but passable.

Frankly, the author loves more dramatic fare (hear that "ta-dum" soundtrack?!) . Cat on a hot tin roof and A streetcar named desire are about the only movies featuring elizabeth taylor that the author likes and drama doesn't get any tenser. Those who weep at Casablanca have not watched "An Affair to Remember" , sorry, not a bogie fan here, but frankly even if you were a bogie fan, Maltese falcon is much better, if it's Sam Spade vs Rick, Sam wins cinematically. Where Hitchcock is concerned, "Rear Window" and "Vertigo" are scary without much horror and paranoia can't have a better name than "North by Northwest".

When comic relief is called for, The Parent Trap, How to steal a million, His Girl Friday are a hoot. War movies, like Westerns, tend to blend after a while, The Great Escape was probably an exception. If you just wanna watch a movie that results in bittersweet awws , how about Roman Holiday or Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Guess the point of this post is that because of the "boring" or way too serious tag, many don't consider old movies a good watch, just give it a chance. As for those who still think film studies is the right major for the author - hmm, don't think there's a decent film studies course that focuses on cheesy or popular movies ;-p , so no go! Besides, when interest becomes work, the attention span reduces dramatically as most friends noticed with my univ major!