Friday, November 04, 2005

Casablanca has never been a fav of the author, but rather a pet peeve. For one, the (often erroneous ) gratuitous references to the movie just generates groans of a bad kind. Everyone always parodies the "Play it again Sam" line which never existed in the film - read the transcripts if you doubt that.

And how about the last scene where the self sacrificing Rick and Ilsa decide to sacrifice love for the great cause of the resistance? Never made sense the first time , doesn't make sense now, Victor's not gonna crumble just because of Ilsa?!

But probably what proved to be the root of irritation was the traumatic experience of watching the classic being screened on the big screen on its 50th anniversary. None of the author's friends would go for the screening (the typical reaction being "hahaha, you're kidding right?!"), which meant that this author watched a movie alone for the first time without the safety of numbers . The only arthouse cinema (in the country at the time) had special screenings for a week and considering that it was a morning screening, there were only 20 people in that theatre which meant that it was extraordinarily cold (for a theatre in the tropics) and the average age of the other theatre patrons merely heightened the juvenile age of the author then. Everyone looked at the author like some freak and even the usher thought the author had gone to the wrong show. The show started off pretty well, then blurred into slowness, besides (braving the displeasure of bogie fans) Bogart is even less impressive on the big screen (vs telly screenings) - an acquired taste no doubt. Which might explain why when "Gone with the Wind" was screened, the author frankly didn't give a damn! Now you know how bad quotes can be, well, here's looking at you kid!