Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Blast from the Past

Watched the movie for the nth time- partly 'cos the tv station seems to be recycling movies, partly 'cos there wasn't much else to watch that wasn't mindless entertainment and partly as galpals are quite familiar, Brendan Fraser was a fav (long , long time ago)

There are 3 interesting points about this particular movie;
  • Reflecting the gradual extinction of the "nice guy" species

Adam (how appropriate?!) is the modern version of a Renaissance guy who only is so 'cos he was caught in an atomic fallout shelter for 35 years. He's also about the only nice guy in this movie, who isn't gay, a fact that some friends will be happy to point out?! Anyway, what does it say about the nice guy species that the only way for a modern guy to be somewhat gentlemanly is for him to be caught in some time-space continuum warp?!

  • The myth of a "golden age"

Ever so often, humanity seems to look back on a certain era as some "golden age" free from modern excesses or degradation. A certain longing for simpler times when life wasn't so ugly or complicated, a kind of anti-progress movement (luddites anyone?!) at times. The biggest question is : has that "golden age" ever existed? Frankly, it's more of a myth that reflects humanity's disillusionment with the present (whatever the year it is) , the illusion of a prettier alternative. Be it the Greeks, Romans or even myths like Camelot, they are ideals without flaws only 'cos we choose to be blind to the disturbing facets of these times. The same reason why some " maintain" the myth of an ideal guy (or gal) by never falling in love with anyone who resembles the ideal 'cos the reality often mars the ideal. Similarly we see in the movie that when the female protagonist meets Adam and realises how perfect he is, she decides to commit him to an asylum- what that says about society is ... comical irony!

  • References to old movies

Why do movies self referentially refer (does that sound logical?!) to old movies (seems to be a trend) ? Above all, why do a majority refer to Casablanca?! Argghhh, don't they have other movies to refer to? It was funny though to see some director posit some non-existent connection between lindy hop and Casablanca- which 'll probably drive some fans nuts!