Friday, October 28, 2005

Season's greetings

Decided this is the last year for the school list (for the lack of a better term) which is way too long

Happy Ramadan, Diwali and early greetings for Christmas /Hanukkah to

Univ : (Lmhers, Town people etc)

  • Friends whose addresses have been lost :

Clare (lah) Merrill, Elaine (the moon is so round) Chan, Anna (the roof sitter) Dorfman, John(the most hardworking exchange student ever) [whose last name has unfortunately been forgotten!]

  • The 10 Fyfield citizens of '95-'96
  • Classmates (should be 13/14 apparently) :

Jessie, Jane (&family), Sam, Patrick, Matthew, Kate, Katherine, Emily, Tina, Dave, Dan, Charles, Mark and Alice (& family) - apologies to whoever was missed

  • Lmhers

Dr Barr (and the rest of the teaching staff), Su San, Shaz, Sri , Edwin , Marn, Lay San, Elsa, Sofia, Tik, Dave Renner, Eva Rehfuess, Yinshin, Yeenli, Gary and the rest of the juniors , Joe Pirone (saw your address some years back but forgot- sorry! congrats on the job and marriage!)

  • Town / Teddy crowd

Jia, Peiru, Aaron, Kats, Michael, Yuh-jer, Ting, Janice, Jun, Solomon, Del (&Hian), Kirsty etc (just can't remember those names!)

  • Last but not least; the weirdest family ever

Stefan 'Grossvati" - isn't a language great that allows you to call someone gross and not be insulting?!

Justin (&family) - just where are those "nephews" you promised?

Joanna - remember the psct to meet!

Other School friends

  • HCJC crowd:

Particularly, Sharon, Jolin, Su Mei, Elin, and those brave enough to share those "censored" jokes!

  • SNG

Angie, Jean, QT, Cindy, Rita, Jolyn, Peiling, Shelen and all the others - any idea how chris and andrea are?

  • CHIJ crowd

Deb, Thusha (last heard, orthodontist?) , Tina (last heard, australia?) etc? (hey, there were 40 names for the class alone!)

whoever's been missed - apologies , but have a great festive season!