Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Scary teachers

Saw a debate on tv regarding teacher- student relations (was surfing the channels during the commercials of Boston Legal) - hmm, is it just a coincidence or were teachers a lot scarier eons past?

The scariest teacher was that Mrs A who scared the living hell outta the author at age 9? It was a term test on Chinese and an extra punctuation mark meant 97%, mommy dearest suggested that the author ask the teacher if the punctuation mark was the reason for the 1 mark difference. Mrs A asked the author to erase that extra punctuation mark then promptly hauled the author up in front of the class as a cheater who wanted an extra mark. Mrs A's biggest mistake was to ask to meet the parents the next day. The school authorities were standing on the side of the teacher till the parents threatened to notify the local education authority -at which point, the school authorities and teacher quaked and apologized. Unfortunately, to save the teacher's face, the teacher never apologized to the student in front of the class or school and the author was left with an authority phobia .

Then there was Mrs P who redefined what scary was to an entire class at 10/11. The other really scary teacher was that lit teacher who probably scared more teens off the subject than Blake ever did. Of course, to quote Bush, these were just the few bad apples but it only requires these few apples to cause a huge stink!

Ah, if only students were as liberal then!