Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Observations from a holiday

ok, so it wasn't much of a holiday - due to 2 factors
1 It was a surveying trip to decide which city to work in for the next year, no glamour, just the decision that enough's enough, time to live a different life and to live for oneself

2 Partly 'cos yours truly hasn't quite paid off "study loan" and partly 'cos she's mommy dearest, was travelling with a companion . The advantage; not paying and the disadvantage; the stress that started yours truly drinking! (after an alcohol free 7 years!)

Summary of observations (it's not an obsession with 7, some observations just don't summarise together)

1) There's life after marriage
2) Food and entertainment
3) Superstition
4) Imperialism
5) Language refresher
6) Customer service
7) Property investments