Tuesday, September 27, 2005



erm, of course you have to sweeten the choc if the cooking choc is non-sweetened - it's just easier to ensure the choc's level of mindnumbing sweetness is to your preference if it's not pre-determined by the manufacturer

Cruel compliments

sorry, angie, the funky date problem meant a double posting, as for the potential insult - well, being told you've potential at 20 and at 30 is very different

at least that's what friends have said?!

Men and size

There was a vote regarding eligible men and somehow the conversations focussed on puerile issues like whether there was correlation between the size of men's feet, noses and hands and their , erm , appendages - oh please, it's like those locker /gym comparisons , besides what if the gorilla vs chimp phenomena applies to humans?! Anyway, who cares!