Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Recipes for sweetness

Ok, sharing recipes as previously requested by friends

Actually both the recipes are reinventions of popular treats and include versions for 2 very good friends who ironically haven't tasted either of these desserts (sorry Jo and Stef!)

1) Spanish chocolate heaven

The original was a x'mas treat that included amaretto and marzipan and was a cake - didn't quite like that combination

The new version calls for hazelnut cream , chocolate (non sweetened , no milk and melted via bain marie, add cream to form ganache - less cream means more melty choc to some extent) , ice cream wafers (or french style feuilles , not too sure about the spelling but they are crunchy thin biscuits, ask at your fav french bakery ) and pecan/almonds/marshmallows - bake with filo pastry till the pastry's crisp .

Just remember - avoid glazing the pastry with butter or egg, a syrup glaze achieves the same results but doesn't make the pastry too heavy AND don't be like that smartass who substituted the hazelnut cream and chocolate with nutella unless you want to end up with a brownie

As for the name it's the result of a joke about the Spanish language .

A special version for Jo : substitute the chocolate with choc ice cream and you'll have an eskimo pie!

2) Flaming Bananas

Not to be sexist but most men are crap cooks so this is a relatively fail safe recipe

Fry up some crepes (not pancakes - unless you're having breakfast with your partner, heehee!) Toast the banana slices with a little butter , flambe with Grand Marnier or rum. Serve warm.

Some matters to note :
- some recipes call for vanilla pods erm, might taste a little weird
- it's still not acceptable to set your date on fire - avoid blowtorches and don't throw the matchstick into the bananas - it's not flavoring!

The special Stef version: add some peach schnapps and flambe with rum - the rum smoothens the sharp vodka (and to think the only dish you've offered to cook was sauerkraut)

Have fun!