Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Politics, Philosophy and Economics

And why they all lack logic ... at least in view of recent news events


Rumsfeld is at it again -it's become an American propensity to annoy/insult the host country just before or after they visit - the American tourist syndrome?! Anyway, speculations about Chinese military ambitions and accusations of understating military spending is rather ironic coming from a man who (at least according to PBS documentaries) did more to pave the path to war in Iraq than anybody else in Bush's posse. Besides, does anyone in American political fraternity really want to clarify their spending, funding or links to defence or oil interests? People living in glass houses shouldn't just avoid stones, too much light isn't too pretty (just ask Macbeth or Othello)

And the Japanese are busy reminding the world of a past that they ostensibly want the world to forget - go figure


Kermit's 50! That's pretty young for an amphibian who's the only frog to speak at the union and who, ironically, proved to be more popular than Arafat ( at least there weren't police escorts and protestors when kermit spoke) and less controversial than OJ Simpson (why they invited him, only god knows). His winning philosophy of life? Peace and neutrality (and some sanity - which is what the greenpeace movement seems to lack of recent years)


Can anyone tell what's wrong with the following statement : protectionist / punitive measures to protect free and fair trade .

The demands for acceleration of yuan reform and liberalisation are understandable (at least from an American viewpoint) , what's incomprehensible is American deafness and blindness to the fact that Chinese banks are not ready for the inevitable volatility that comes with forex liberalisation- if impatience leads to a global financial (at least forex) crisis, can they guarantee the stability of the $ at the very least? If that materialises, there may not be fiddling whilst Rome burns but there may be a blame game whilst the flames engulf the economy