Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Society through the movies3

Wham, bam, action movies

and no, not that kind of action

Action movies as a whole have not been exactly viewed as highbrow entertainment - which may be good, considering that people may be looking for a break from the overly serious arthouse fare that's the domain of serious movie / art critics. But what seems to be a trend globally is to combine the pure action movie with genres like comedy , sci fi etc. Probably the result of realising that most action movies have wafer thin plots, but may be the unintended result of action movies so bad that they've become tragically comical.

Not to criticise anyone (ha!) but movies like Speed have always baffled the author, hey less plot convolution and better actors would have produced a half way decent bus equivalent of Luc Besson's Taxi series. As a rule , sequels are bad ideas, to recreate an unintended hit film is even worse, the Terminator series is probably a rare exception , then again, arnie was a robot, what that says about his acting... How about the undying hero, think the acting equivalent of sonic the game , John McClane, the hero of Die Hard series- arrghhhh, even an exploding plane doesn't kill him. (can you blame demi?) Ironic references to the Christmas theme?

Just a quick glance at Asian action movies. Indian movies -hmm, the actors sometimes seem undecided about becoming lord of the dance or lord of the martial arts but entertaining nonetheless even if some are bad translations of hollywood movies. Korean action movies are by turns violent and comical particularly those featuring gangsters, kinda the asian equivalent of pulp fiction. Chinese action movies are split broadly into the kungfu ( gu zhuang) and the modern categories ; the former(after the success of Crouching tiger and Hidden Dragon ) has largely been too pretty and boring, the latter has been dominated by guns guns guns (John Woo style) and Jackie Chan - way overdue for a big wham !

Arrrggghhhh, spare some small budget, rational action movie for the entertainment of this planet - after all, the bigger the budget, the bigger the hype and the worse the movie