Thursday, August 11, 2005

Aliens, bling and copyright fuss

meltingpot of ideas?

watched MIB lately (ok, for the nth time) and like most alien movies it was pretty funny and unintentionally thought provoking; the world as a marble game of alien beings- hmm and the greeks thought that men were the playthings of the gods - dark humour or just human progression?!

and ever wondered why females feature so un-prominently in alien movies- apart from the shriek effect that is- ? ok, some are referring to sigourney weaver but seriously, give her a bandanna and you have Fambo. Feminised characters are usually vases or worse they are the scary aliens (you guessed it - species) an interpretation of venus trap?


Irony overcooked may be defined as movie/music stars all decked with blingbling moaning about how piracy and internet illegal downloads are depriving the industry of profits. Hello! the industries are in need of a reality check money wise. Contrary to what industry bigwigs are saying - mebbe these stars may produce beter movies and music if they earned a little less!

Besides, mebbe a big part of the costs may be reduced by the studios "distributing the movies directly to the consumer" via downloads and internet sales points . After all, you don't have to be a fan of CSI to know that cinemas are often a healthhazard and disaster scenario in the wings! Most importantly, why should consumers be expected to further fatten up the wallets of industry bigwigs who don't give a damn about the industry apart from the profits!