Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sentimentalist : 7myths

Fulfilling bet no 3

Debunking certain myths about men, love and the incomprehensible

This debunking will be in the form of experiences of some friends (who kindly permitted this "publication" ) whose identities are fictionalized to protect the innocent -yours truly

The cast:

- female lawyer, early 30s , disillusioned cynic, lady z

- the hunter gang; hunter 1, mid 30s executive whose marriage lasted all of 6 months after couplehood of 10 years

hunter2 , mid 20s executive, frisky as a puppy (ladyz)

both fancy themselves as birds of prey (incomprehensible) and do not appreciate the reminders that these hunters often feed on carrion or rodents?!

-last but not least silent nice guy, late 20s, executive, so slow in the game that he watched the love of his life marry someone else without saying a word, would inspire violence if he weren't so nice; let's call him vanilla

Exploding myths

1)Men do not talk or gossip

hahahaha, never met a drunken guy have you? Actually, apart from puke and bs, guys at a certain stage of inebriation tend to spill their guts (every sense of the word) and spare no details, some even bawl and we're not talking about the snag

heard of how men dread the "we've to talk" line from their gals, lady z concurs that a guy saying that is even more terrifying

a reason why guys like the silent myth? Talking sometimes means big trouble. Hunter 2 talked himself into trouble at a school reunion; in a scene that could have been a remake of 4 weddings, he asked about what he assumed was an old girlfriend of a senior and when that senior replied that he wasn't going out with that gal anymore, hunter 2 didn't wait for details but blabbled about how that gal had known the entire rugby team. After an awkward silence, hunter 2 was told that his senior was married to that girl. That wasn't the worst , the worst came a week later when the senior walked into the company as his new boss - he left that job pretty rapidly

2)Equality of the genders

hmm, very much a myth workplace and relationship wise. Females too proactive are deemed easy or desperate. Aguy who proposes an open relaiotnship still means open only on his end. Some men have star tek syndrome (some writer invented that term, can't remember who) at this day and age whilst many still want the whore / pristine goddess combi whlst women want the swiss army combi male

3) Meaning what you say?

Both sexes are afflicted. Menspeak often omits the important facts like; you're his first and last (just not his 2 - 99)

Womenspeak assumes some intellect which is unfortunately absent from the male audience- as lady z fumes, the dolts think that not wanting a celebration means not wanting a celebration instead of wanting a surprise!

4) Conventions

Conventions like the 3 date rule are invented to promote easier scoring; hunter 1 analyses the gals as follows - one daters are easy, the secondaters are as much scorers as the guys, the thirdaters are conventional. Those who don't surrender after the 3rd date aren't the scoring type, they're the serious type and time to test the acelerators

The strong and silent type - erm, sad to say, most of the time they are better off not speaking- hey, haven't you seen that footballer who's all cute but cringeworthy when he speaks

5) Platonic love

erm, not unless you're the abelard heloise type but you've read that earlier post so not repeating

friendship is NOT platonic love, it is when the thought of being with that guy makes you wanna barf or laugh hysterically or (before male friends draw knives) you don't wanna lose a cool guy after some meaningless fling

6) The amicable breakup

erm, never watched the war of the roses have ya?! but seriously, it's awkward at best and real psycho at times - ask that friend who ended up at some Newfoundland fishing town to escape some fbi wannabe ex

7) Time and commitment solves every problem

The physic law of relationships: relationships and people often move in oppositeand equal directions- what is attractive becomes irritatingand soon you'll be homicidal . If love is blind, vision is restored gradually as will rationality.

Hunter 1 is the first to agree that commitment is no solution - he realized that love had ended and that was even before the wedding was over

Vanilla has heard that geriatric joke way too often but dear, wake up!

And for galpals who want to reform their guys - as time goes by, you might just discover your reformist efforts have cost you the guy you liked

okie, that's the end - thank god before the sacchrine overwhelms, those who are still syrupy, listen to that alison (okie so it's a mistake!) krauss songand be happy!