Thursday, June 30, 2005

Demystifying the birds and the bees

Heard some complaints from those who have to conduct sex education lectures in schools . It's not an easy task but the furore escapes the author. The main point is no amount of preaching or tut-tutting is gonna stop curious teens from experimenting, not educating them is leavng them without protection . Besides, if the appropriate education is not available, there's plenty of miseducation available via their peers and the internet.

Kids these days aren't as naive (good grief, that sounded just like a parent) they aren't likely to mistake condoms for balloons unlike a rather hapless classmate who brought them to school as her contribution to the class party, the party went on without her and the balloons, poor girl spent the day with the principal. The "banned/shock" lit bookclubs featuring Anais Nin, V.C. Andrews and Roald Dahl have been surpassed by recommendations of online porn sites, hey, even a websearch for "white house" throws up porn sites - republicans probably blame that on Clinton! Schools previously thought of sex education as lectures conducted by Christian life counsellors which mainly featured abortion videos which were shockingly graphic and lecturers from the ministry of health who talked about nothing but VD. Their only success was a schoolmate who decided to become a nun (and that was a girl who was previously boy-crazy) Peer miseducation consists mostly of misleading urban legends (think gere and gerbil) and dares to read or watch porn - the only fun part is where you get caught gawking at some questionable material by a bemused classmate whilst your mates are collapsing with laughter outside the shop window!

The authorities should review sex educaiton and not let them become biology classes. Some sense of humour may help - hell, that's hte reason why some of us actually remember some physics formulas!
Not merely health informaiton but some street smarts should be taught, girls should be taught that when guys say that giving themselves to their boyfriends is proof of love, they are expressing as much bs as bulls produce per annum and boys taught that scoring sometimes leads to some horrendous results which may scar them for life

It's an awkward time of life for the kids and their parents - few are as cool as a old friend's mom who told her point blank that sex isn't as exciting as the fiction which portray it. Parents tend to get tensed thhinking that their kids are sexually active and kids go "ew" at the thought that their parents are sexually active. The irony is one day the parents worry about their kids not having enough sex 'cos the grandkids aren't appearing!