Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sentimentalist : What is Love?

Fulfilling the bet, no2

Frankly my dear, if yours truly knew the answer, the greatest philosopher of all time would be undisputed - after all, mankind has been asking the same silly question for centuries

The following 7 truths and 7 myths regarding love and the 2 genders are NOT biographical (well, not so far as it is offensive to others) and come from a person who's never been in love (lotsa likes, some irate exs but not love) - huge pinch of salt required.

7 truths

Love :

1) is the domain of the irrational

if you're too rational, you're liable to analyse love to death. The fun of the "crazy little thing called love" is the impulsive headlong rush that reflects some reckless adrenaline funk that makes you ignore that voice of rationality that tells you "save yourself"

2) is ironic

if you list Mr Perfect's qualities, you'll meet him one day and ... you'll dislike the guy - apparently your x'mas list forgot the all important quality - that you like the guy

heard of 6 degrees of seperation? You'll probably travel through 359 degrees of wilderness to find that Mr Right

3) is a combination of time ...

The right time , the right him and the right mood is essential - if one is serious and the other isn't, there'll be fire but no fireworks!

And anyone dating across timezones will testify, the phonecalls and videochats aren't all that fun especially at ungodly hours - and the only reason why your coffee breath isn't killing anyone is 'cos fibre optics aren't that advanced yet - wait for 6/7G

4) and space

Time alone is essential 'cos everyone blows some steam at some time - if your Mr Right doesn't believe that every relationship requires some space, let him be around when you "morph" into your grizzly self (snappy looking for someone to "annihilate") - you might see him do a bad imitation of Little Miss Bo Peep (run screaming) - sadly that's the last you'll see of him and your reputation.

5) is complicated

You'll realise this when god's idea of a joke is to split Mr Right into 3 seperate men ; Mr Brains, Mr Nice Guy and Mr De ja Vu. It's a dilemma (unless you have Mary Shelley aspirations) as a friend once said "you can't ***** brains", and nice guy sometimes means "no personality" and Mr Deja Vu is freaky especially when your first meeting is at a graveyard (it's nothing sinister -it was outside a college library) on a very foggy night.
Just for the record, none of the 3 involved a physicist - that was just a distraction tactic gone bad
Besides, if everything is too simple, you'll be wondering what the catch is?
6) is communication
Guys , when your female companion stops speaking - it isn't that god has heard your prayers - it's probably a sign that you'll discover that the "big freeze" isn't a drink or east coast weather but the temperature of your relationship
7) is neurotic
ok, as neurotic as the people involved. Just remember some safety rules
guys, do NOT talk about weight , age or kids to your women and gals avoid talk about his toys (cars etc), his friends and c*****ment (especially in relation to wedding vows)
7 myths will be posted later but if you're blindly in love, just go listen to that heather krauss song and be blissfully blind