Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Considering that this is probably the last time these questions will be answered... ad nauseum

1) Why isn't there a profile/ pic of you on the blog

3 reasons :

  • Superficial reason - don't want anyone losing their dinner/lunch/meal when surfing
  • The self defence reason - don't wanna be the target for peeved exs (ex-friends, ex-acquaintances etc), why provide a new dartboard
  • The philosophical bs reason - being ego-challenged(note the lack of references to self) and boring, why would anyone want to know more about the author?! And if anyone says existentialist angst again, prepared to be koed!

2) What sets you off

ooh, plenty , just to name a few ; psychotic female lawyers, rugby, memories of past schooldays (the friends are wonderful, the schools were just necessary evils) and more recently bush and the conservative camp. Friends from school and university days are more than familiar with this, especially those who knew the psychotic housemate referred to, well you'd be depressed if you had to live with that kind of persecution. Wow , it's an improvement, references like that in the past would have resulted in "run screaming" scenarios (think Edvard Munch)

3) Why aren't there any links/quotes

  • Prefer not to quote 'cos of the controversy over plagiarism (when you've read some , almost every thought seems to be a form of plagiarism) and copyrights
  • as for links, well, they may not be appreciated by the linkee
  • and no guys, not gonna give email addresses of pretty friends to you; this is not a personals site nor a directory, besides, would not like to be named as part of a harassment suit

4) Does this blog subscribe to certain ideologies

Hmm, not unless there's an ideology known as rational liberalism , well most ideologies are fine except fascism, rightwing allergy reigns!

5) Assorted annoying questions

Assorted annoying answers

  • No not lesbian, and refuse to answer that question again; don't want no smart ass saying "the lady doth protest too much"
  • No no prozac high and way over the lows of depressions; by the way, never had prozac nor abused any illegal or legal drugs, don't even drink these days - an ideal politician?
  • No no reunions , they just have a geriatric flavor that's hard to ignore and the past should really be left to the past especially when there's the future to look forward to
  • No haven't read anything good recently - the laughable reason : it's annoying to read and be automatically analysing everything, the lazy reason : well, just lazy
  • No, not interested in astrology or fortune telling , there must have been dozens of fortune tellers with dozens of predictions - the common thread ; hard work brings success - could have predicted it myself !